Rebi Rivale

In 2011 and in 2013 she won the Amnesty International “Walk on Rights” award, with the songs “Se sarà femmina” and “Chez Simone”.

In April 2011 she released her first album, “Rebi Rivale”, edited by M.A.P. Milan.

Rebi’s second work “Emergenze”, releases in 2013 it’s a self production. In this work Rebi invited some emerging artists to arrange five of her songs. They’re Giovanna Dazzi, Emanuele Bocci, the Luna E Un Quarto, the Liberadante and Consuelo Orsingher.

In 2014 they published the single “Concerto per Marcel Cerdan” as tribute to Edith Piaf.

In Spring 2015 they published a second single, titled “Delirio d’impotenza”.

On december 1st “Ahimsa” is published as new single, after the award Premio Piero Bariati. This song is an acclaim to non-violence philosophy.

Rebi records her 3rd album, Hotel Reborn, publishing it in July 2017. Since 2018 new musicians are added to the project: on bass/doublebass Filippo Tantino and Paola Selva  on guitars.

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